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GSK's Rick Reiley discusses their pMDI leachable study, industry challenges and more

Q. You will be discussing “pMDI leachable study using GC-MS and thermal desorption” for your presentation at E&L Europe next month, could you explain in further detail what this entails?

The traditional methods for pMDI leachable studies usually mean freezing an pMDI can below -20C, cutting it open and bubbling the contents through a solvent or directly pumping an asthma inhaler into an instrument or volumetric flask; these options do not allows for automation and each one has analytical trade offs.  Thermal desorption with GC-MS offers robust methodology from environmental industries and automation is achievable (requiring some engineering) with current technology.  This slide deck will illustrate how we developed the method for volatiles and semi-volatile leachables in Ventolin asthma inhalers and the results of the method validation.  We might have a slide about possible automation, pending GSK legal approval.

Q. What changes have you seen in the E&L market in the last 5 years and how does that influence your current strategy?

E&L is becoming visible to regulators, the food industry and the wider pharma industry; it creates opportunities to expand knowledge and understanding, but it increases the regulatory burdens.  At GSK, we are taking a broader view on packaging lifecycle and investing in internal and external resources to meet the changing regulations.

Q. Where do you foresee the industry headed in the next 5 years and why?

USP 661 will have a massive change to E&L and will likely require pharma and packaging manufacturers reconsider current practices. I think the fallout from USP 661 implementation will change the industry.

Q. What are you most looking forward to at E&L Europe 2018?

Technical discussions and innovations in the field.

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