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Extractables & Leachables China

25-27 August 2021
Shanghai, China

E&L China has well gathered E&L experts from home and abroad to discuss E&L regulations and technical issues, which can effectively improve the knowledge of domestic biopharma company  on E&L and improve the technical level of relevant research institutions. - Sartorius

Extractables and Leachables China is the first conference of its kind. Following on from the hugely successful E&L Europe and USA conferences, Smithers launched a brand new event focusing on extractables and leachables in China.

The Fourth Extractables & Leachables China 2021 will return to Shanghai, China on 25-27 August 2021 and explore the latest technological advancements, regulatory updates, progress in analysis of new materials for pharmaceutical packaging, new developments in medical & drug device combination products and much more! This event will deliver high level insight into the market and global regulatory landscape, while allowing extensive time for debate and networking.


2020 Advisory Board

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Xiaojun Yang - Shanghai WEIPU Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd.

Xiaojun Yang

Technical Director of Biomedical Technology Center at Shanghai WEIPU Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd.
Dennis Jenke - Triad Scientific Solutions, UK

Dennis Jenke

Chief Executive Scientist at Triad Scientific Solutions, UK
Ronald Brown - former U.S. FDA (retired)

Ronald Brown

Toxicologist at former U.S. FDA (retired)
Baiba Cabovska - Waters Technologies, USA

Baiba Cabovska

Principal Product Manager at Waters Technologies, USA
Kathy Huang - Becton Dickinson Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., China

Kathy Huang

R&D Manager at Becton Dickinson Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., China
Dongdi Sun - WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Dongdi Sun

Director of Chemistry Laboratory, Medical Device Testing Center at WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Yong Shen - Shandong Quality Inspection Center For Medical Devices

Yong Shen

Senior Engineer at Shandong Quality Inspection Center For Medical Devices
Weichun Yang - STA Pharmaceutical

Weichun Yang

Director, R&D Analysis and Quality Control Department at STA Pharmaceutical
Hovery Yin - Sartorius

Hovery Yin

Validation Services, Extractables/Leachables Project Specialist at Sartorius
Weixing Yang - Qingdao Sci-Tech Innovation Quality Testing Co., Ltd.

Weixing Yang

CTO at Qingdao Sci-Tech Innovation Quality Testing Co., Ltd.
Queenie Gai - Merck

Queenie Gai

Global E&L Senior Consultant at Merck
Andrew Teasdale - AstraZeneca

Andrew Teasdale

Senior Principal Scientist – Impurity Management and External Advocacy at AstraZeneca

2020 Sponsors

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Saint - Gobain
Milestone Pharma
Waters Corporation

2020 Agenda

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Registration and Welcome
Session 1: Global Regulatory Landscape and Updates on E&L
Session 2: Insights and Perspectives from Pharma and Biotech Companies
Session 3: E&L in Pharmaceutical Packaging and Drug Delivery Systems
Session 4: E&L in Single Use Systems
Registration and Welcome
Session 5: Challenges in E&L Profiling: Identification
Session 6: Safety Assessment and Toxicology
Session 7: E&L in Medical Devices
Session 8: From Theory to Practice: Experimental Designs for E&L Studies and Case Studies
Session 9: Focus on Materials and Biomaterials

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