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Extractables & Leachables China

3-4 November 2022
Shanghai, China | HYBRID EVENT

E&L China has well gathered E&L experts from home and abroad to discuss E&L regulations and technical issues, which can effectively improve the knowledge of domestic biopharma company  on E&L and improve the technical level of relevant research institutions. - Sartorius

The Fifth Extractables & Leachables China 2022 will return to Shanghai, China on 3-4 November 2022 and explore the latest technological advancements, regulatory updates, progress in analysis of new materials for pharmaceutical packaging, new developments in medical & drug device combination products and much more! This event will deliver high level insight into the market and global regulatory landscape, while allowing extensive time for debate and networking.


2021 Advisory Committee

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Dennis Jenke - Triad Scientific Solutions, UK

Dennis Jenke

Chief Executive Scientist at Triad Scientific Solutions, UK
Carsten Worsøe - Novo Nordisk

Carsten Worsøe

Principal Scientist Extractables and Leachables at Novo Nordisk
Hovery Yin - Sartorius

Hovery Yin

Confidence® Validation Services, Project Manager E&L at Sartorius
Xiaojun Yang - WEIPU

Xiaojun Yang

Technical Director of Biomedical Technology Center at WEIPU
Wenjing Zhao - Medtronic Technology Center – Greater China

Wenjing Zhao

Chemistry Scientist at Medtronic Technology Center – Greater China
Cheney Lin - Milestone

Cheney Lin

VP at Milestone
Peilin Fu - Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical

Peilin Fu

R&D Center Director at Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical
Ewa Miaskiewicz - Smithers

Ewa Miaskiewicz

Project Manager at Smithers
Feimei Cai - Mindray

Feimei Cai

Chief Engineer at Mindray
Wei Zhang - Medtronic

Wei Zhang

Principal Scientist at Medtronic
Xiaoxia Ye - Huadong Medicine

Xiaoxia Ye

Senior Analytical Researcher at Huadong Medicine
Tina Hou - Shanghai Henlius Biological Medicine

Tina Hou

Analytical Science and Development at Shanghai Henlius Biological Medicine

2021 Sponsors

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UPM Raflatac

2021 Agenda

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Registration and Welcome
Session 1: Perspectives from Pharma and Biotech Companies
Session 2: E&L Study on Pharma Packaging
Session 3: E&L Study on Single Use Systems
Registration and Welcome
Session 4: Risk Assessment and Risk Management on E&L
Session 5: E&L Study on Medical Devices
Session 6: Challenges and Technical Advances on E&L Analysis
Session 7: E&L Study for Transdermal Patches