Poster Sessions

Posters presented at E&L USA 2017 included:

1) Comparison of a lyophilized drug product to other solid and liquid media for the extraction of elastomeric oligomers from a butyl rubber stopper
Steve Zdravkovic, Research Scientist, PPD Laboratories

2) Continuous flow through extraction and analysis of a single use bioprocess system
Kevin Rowland, Laboratory Manager, Jordi Labs

3) Analytical uncertainty and response factors for extractable and leachable analysis using LCMS
Kate Comstock, Senior Marketing Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific

4) Analysis of Extractable and Leachable (E&L) compounds using GC/Q-TOF with soft electron impact (EI) ionization source
Kai Chen, Senior Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies

5) Application of simulation studies to qualify tubings and related materials used in parenteral pharmaceutical manufactures
Jianfeng Hong, Senior Research Scientist/Chemistry Lab Manager, Fresenius Kabi

6) Automated targeted screening of leachables in pharmaceutical QC labs using an Agilent single quadrupole LC/MS system and controlled by OpenLAB CDS
Syed Salman Lateef, Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies

7) Extractables study of drug delivery device - vaginal rings
Wei Zhang, Senior Research Scientist, AMRI

8) BPOG model solvent comparison for extractables testing for single use systems drug process manufacturing
Jessica Shea, E&L Global Technical Services Manager, Provantage Lab Services - MilliporeSigma, a business of Merck

9) Extractable analysis of pharmaceutical container/packaging labels
John Lannone, Director of E&L Department, AMRI

10) Method for single side extraction of transdermal patches
Charles Ducker, Principal Chemist/Group Leader, Eurofins Medical Device Testing