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"The calibre of attendees at the E&L 2014 conference was incredible. Thank you for putting forth such a remarkable collaboration for industry leaders and facilitating networking within the pharmaceutical community to create the best products possible."

C. Gonzalez, Avomeen

"E&L 2014 provided a comfortable professional forum to establish and maintain business contacts as well as learning from and conversing with experts about the scientific and regulatory state-of-the-art"

G. McGibbon, ACD Labs

"Very satisfied, gained a lot of information from experts."


"Fantastic intro to extractables and leachables, excellent source of up-to-date information. I am so glad I participated."

H. Hertrick, Zenpure

"Outstanding conference."

R. Bogseth, Baxter Healthcare

"Another excellent programme on extractables and leachables, these meetings keep getting better and better."

P.Watts, bibra toxicology advice & consulting

"Good overview of industry with excellent case studies"

R.Salzstein, Independent

"An enjoyable and conducive environment to receive an onslaught of crucial/beneficial information. Very positive experience."

S.Ward, Pearl Therapeutics

We received great feedback from those that attended E&L USA 2015...

100% would attend the E&L conference again

100% rated overall conference experience excellent or above average

100% of workshop attendees would recommend to a colleague