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Performing an E&L study is an important part of verifying the safety of a medical, pharmaceutical or packaging product.

Design of an E&L study requires an understanding of the materials used in the construct of the product and the expected use conditions. E&L studies are best conducted using an analytical strategy which is formed by expectations of potential extractables, and which has sufficient breadth for discovery of unexpected components. The laboratory which conducts the study must have sufficient expertise in unknown identification to properly leverage information from multiple techniques, databases and control experiments to allow for positive unknown identification. They must also have the breadth of instrumentation which allows for analysis of a wide range of potential analytes. Finally, they must also be experts at analytical method development utilizing this knowledge to develop quantitative methods for the components identified.

Jordi Labs specializes in the analysis of plastics and has the experience and knowledge to make your E&L study a success. Jordi partners with our customers to develop and execute E&L studies empowered by over 30 years of analytical experience and state of the art instrumentation.