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“A great place to get the latest updates in regulations and analytical methodologies for Extractables and Leachables. The audience is full of experts.” – K. D’Silva, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“The E/L conference is a chance to speak to those who have charted the path to where we are now.  I can hear the FDA's perspective as well as that of industry.  It is a great place to both learn the basics and obtain” – J. Pittman,  ABC Laboratories

“I have never attended one of the Smithers E&L (conferences) where I didn’t learn something new and important that I had missed” – R. Pearson, Aspen Research

“This is the first scientific meeting I have been to in the past 40 years in which every presentation was interesting and useful” – D. Norwood, SCIO Analytical

“An excellent overview of the current state of E&L practices across the industry” – E. Morinelle, Genentech

“Good venue for regulatory update and information exchange, network too" – K. Comstock, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Got a good feel for the analytical methods and risk assessments being done in the pharma industry.” – C. Lohrman, HP

“Great conference for understanding current trends in E&L and the latest advancements in analytical chemistry for E&L” – S. Campbell, Nelson Laboratories

“Really good learning and I enjoyed it” – S. Rathinam, Mylan Pharmaceuticals

“Excellent venue for E&L topics and networking opportunities with colleagues with expertise in a variety of areas of E&L for devices, combination products, manufacturing components etc” – G. Erexson, AbbVie, Inc.

“Good technical content” – S. Neerukonda, Vimta Labs

“Great information regarding industry updates and hot topics. Excellent networking experience” – J. Hong, Fresenius Kabi

“Focused conference on extractables and leachables testing to get comprehensive perspective on regulation, technology and methodologies for the industry” – N. Meruva, Waters

“It was great to be there. Very good learning opportunity” – C. Diab, Edwards Lifesciences

“Excellent experience to connect to other experts working in EL, and learn the overall trend of EL, opportunities as well as challenges we faced together” – W. Zhang, AMRI

“It (E&L USA 2016) was a well-rounded conference with a nice mix of speakers and topics and a great venue for networking.” – J. Card, Intertek

“This conference is a convergence of the top scientific minds speaking about a diverse range of impactful topics at the forefront of the field of extractables/leachables.” – S. Zdravkovic, PPD, Inc.

“A good mixture of presentations coming from regulators, USP, SUS users and vendors” – I. Pahl, Sartorius Stedim

“I was impressed by the openness of the speakers and attendees and their willingness to share information and ideas in order to advance the science behind E&L testing” – J. Todd, Polymer Solutions Incorporated

“Excellent chance to network with key thought leaders in this area” – J. Creasey, GSK

“Great networking event for people in E&L field” – D. Lu, SGS

“A nice mix of industry, instrument, and agency” – D. McKenzie, Mallinckrodt

“A perfect opportunity to learn from leading experts in the E/L field.” – P. Watts, bibra toxicology and advice consulting

“This conference draws the premier experts in the investigation of extractables and leachables and the approaches to studying and assessing their impact.” – R. Pearson, Aspen Research

“It was a high notch experience! Excited to be there!” – S. Kikandi, Sanofi Pasteur

"Nice people, targeted audience” – W. Touch, Intertek

“Great science for E&L” – G. Vas, Intertek

“Time well spent” – N. Nugara, Merck

“Great conference – very informative!” – E. Tullo, West Pharmaceutical

“A great learning opportunity” – G. Li, Porex Corporation