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Paul Cummings Discusses How E&L USA Provides Critical Insights to an Evolving Industry

Paul Cummings, General Manager

As the E&L field continues to evolve it is critical that we take opportunities such as this conference to hear from the experts in the field, from study sponsors, from regulators, from the scientists who perform these studies every day.

While this is the Smithers US E&L conference, Smithers has similar conferences in Europe and China, it is important that we recognize the international applicability of extractables and leachables.  Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are not immune to the impact of globalization and it is in our best interest to stay informed as to the developments in E&L in other parts of the world.  Our opening session, Global E&L Landscape, features speakers from around the world to provide us with the regulatory perspective from across the globe.  Of course, we also have a session dedicated to the regulatory environment here in the United States.

As past attendees of this conference are aware, many well-known E&L experts are always on hand at Smithers E&L to share their wisdom and experience.  This year we are very pleased with the program they will be presenting and I am sure you will be as well.  From the myriad analytical challenges faced in E&L studies to toxicology assessment strategies, you can be certain that this conference will provide you with new insights and  knowledge that you will find relevant.