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GlaxoSmithKline's Nick Morley on why he attends Smithers Rapra's Extractables & Leachables conferences

I’ve attended Smithers Rapra's Extractables & Leachables conferences for several years and the variety and quality of topics presented always amazes me, leaving me re-energised and bursting with ideas. I always learn something new and have interesting and insightful conversations with fellow delegates.

Who should attend and why?

The E&L conferences provides one of the best opportunities for individuals with an interest in extractables and leachables to come together to discuss and learn about this complex subject area. If you are interested in analytical chemistry, toxicology, the regulatory environment, driving new business, outsourcing or learning about the latest technology - this is the conference for you. Whether you are new to extractables and leachables or have been in this field for many years, there is something here for everyone.

You can view the full list of previous attendees here.

Benefits of attending Extractables & Leachables Europe 2017

At E&L Europe you will;

  • Learn and exchange ideas
  • See the latest technology from leading industry suppliers and vendors
  • Network with hundreds of individuals from many different companies across the supply chain
  • Discover and discuss the challenges others face

What will you learn about?

Extractables & Leachables brings together many different skill sets from a number of different disciplines. This conference provides the opportunity to hear from analytical scientists, toxicologists, materials engineers, suppliers, regulators, instrument vendors and contract organisations. Anyone working in such fields, with an interest in E&L, will take something away.

With presentations on a wide variety of subjects, interactive workshops that provide opportunities to engage with peers for focused discussions, industry expert panel discussions on the latest E&L hot topics and poster sessions that provide an opportunity to learn about what others are doing.

You can view the 2016 agenda here.

Extractables and leachables is a rapidly changing and expanding subject area with limited regulatory guidance. The E&L conferences have provided me with opportunities to keep up with the latest thinking from leaders in the field and network with peers to discuss ideas - this is why I keep coming back.

I hope to see you in Lyon later this year, so book your ticket now and join us for what promises to be another great event.

Kind regards,

Nick Morley
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)