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About Extractables And Leachables Asia 2023

Extractables and Leachables Asia is the first conference of its kind. Following on from the hugely successful E&L Europe and USA conferences, Smithers launched a brand new event focusing on extractables and leachables in Asia.  

E&L Asia brings together local stakeholders and experts for 2 days of presentations on the Chinese regulatory landscape, E&L testing methods, advances in science and more.

  • How attending this conference will benefit you?

Extractables and leachables examination is growing in importance in Asia, so understanding future regulations, testing methods, guidelines and best practices for carrying out E&L studies is extremely important to eliminate risk and ensure consumer safety.

Smithers has been organising the European and North American editions of this conference series for over 10 years, and has a long history of providing E&L testing so you can be sure that this conference will provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information, as well as a productive and valuable conference experience.

  • Why you should attend this conference?

Taking into account the evolving marketplace and changing regulatory environment, we've worked hard with the Advisory Board to produce a programme that will provide you with an introduction to extractables and leachables, the science behind the testing, how you can produce successful studies, best practice guidelines and more.

“ Significantly improved scientific level compared the first E&L Asia events.” - Novo Nordisk

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