Advisory Committee

Meet the expert Advisory Committee that helps to shape the E&L Asia conference.
Dennis Jenke - Triad Scientific Solutions

Dennis Jenke

Chief Executive Scientist at Triad Scientific Solutions
Carsten Worsøe - Novo Nordisk

Carsten Worsøe

Principal Scientist Extractables and Leachables at Novo Nordisk
Hovery Yin - Sartorius

Hovery Yin

Manager of Project Management,Filtration/SUS, Confidence® Validation Services at Sartorius
Wenjing Zhao - Fresenius

Wenjing Zhao

Biocompatibility Technical Manager at Fresenius
Chao Yang - Mindray

Chao Yang

Biological Evaluation Senior Engineer at Mindray
Dongdi Sun - WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Dongdi Sun

Director of Chemistry Laboratory, Medical Device Testing Center at WuXi AppTec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Michael Creese - Smithers

Michael Creese

Operations Director of Chemistry Medical Device Testing at Smithers