Advisory Board

The Extractables and Leachables program is shaped by a panel of expert advisory board members who know this industry inside and out. These professionals lend their experience and expertise to the program, ensuring a relevant and industry-leading event. Meet the Advisory Board members!
Dennis Jenke - Triad Scientific Solutions, UK

Dennis Jenke

Chief Executive Scientist At Triad Scientific Solutions, UK
Dr. Cheryl Stults - C&M Technical Consulting

Dr. Cheryl Stults

Principal At C&M Technical Consulting
Carsten Worsøe - Novo Nordisk

Carsten Worsøe

Principal Scientist Extractables and Leachables At Novo Nordisk
Nick Morley - Hall Analytical Laboratories

Nick Morley

Principal Scientist At Hall Analytical Laboratories
Dr. Roger Pearson - Aspen Research Corporation

Dr. Roger Pearson

President of Analytical Services At Aspen Research Corporation
Ronald Brown - Toxicologist

Ronald Brown

Former U.S. FDA (retired) At Toxicologist
Paul Cummings - Smithers

Paul Cummings

General Manager E&L At Smithers
Dr. Daniel Norwood - Feinberg Norwood & Associates Pharma Consulting

Dr. Daniel Norwood

Executive Partner At Feinberg Norwood & Associates Pharma Consulting