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Why should you attend Extractables and Leachabels USA?

Extractables and leachables studies are crucial for the protection of patients, the success of drug products, and the adherence to regulatory expectations. The opportunity for E&L experts to meet and discuss solutions and new opportunities in this sector benefits the entire pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Extractables and Leachables USA has brought together top players from the full supply chain for nine years to discuss best E&L practices, regulatory changes, operational challenges, and emerging opportunities. This event facilitates important discussions that helps decision makers – as well as those who are new to the industry – gain the connections and knowledge necessary to succeed. Attendees network, build beneficial relationships with industry experts, and hear panels featuring diverse industry perspectives on issues facing the E&L industry in both the US and globally.

This program is shaped by a panel of expert advisory board members who know this industry inside and out. Meet The Experts >>>

Five Reasons Why Attending This Event Will Improve Your Operations:

  • Network with top players from across the supply chain. 
    Nothing beats face-to-face networking in a social environment. Meet people who are just as passionate about this industry as you are! This event offers included networking breaks, lunches, and an evening reception to make it easy to make connections. Meet with major industry players who can connect you with new companies and help grow your business.
    See Who Has Attended Past Events >>>
  • Raise awareness, brainstorm with experts, and develop innovative solutions.
    Present your innovative ideas and meet the people who can help you make them happen. The networking sessions and Q&A opportunities at the end of each presentation encourage group discussion. Ask the questions that have been on your mind and find answers. Be part of the innovators helping to push this industry into the future.
  • Be one of the first to hear about emerging trends.
    Expand your industry knowledge and learn the latest business intelligence and market updates from industry-leading event speakers. Hear about their latest research, cutting edge technology, and growth opportunities. Learn beyond your field of interest.
  • Invest in yourself, and establish yourself in the industry.
    Let people know who you are and position yourself as a key player in the industry. Someone attending is waiting to meet you and learn from your experiences. Represent your company as a knowledgeable and leading industry player.
  • Get inspired and motivated.
    Sometimes we all get caught up in day-to-day tasks and forget our work is important. Meet passionate people, learn new ideas, and then take that motivation back to your daily work. You will have access to all the presentations after the conference - take back the lessons you learned and apply them directly to your operations.

Why Smithers?

Smithers, Founded in 1925 and headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with laboratories and operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, has over 40 years’ experience organizing leading global events. Backed by proven expertise and deep industry experience, Smithers assists industry experts in solving challenges, capitalizing on opportunities, and innovating with confidence. Smithers also provides   testing, consulting, market reports, and compliance services. 

Smithers is a leading authority for extractables and leachables studies. Smithers' experts have a proven track record of developing and delivering comprehensive extractables and leachables test plans. Annual Extractables and Leachables USA, Europe, and China events deliver high level insight into the market and global regulatory landscape, while allowing extensive time for new developments, debate, and networking.

  • Global Insight: With chemical analysis laboratories in both the UK and USA, and industry-leading E&L events in the USA, China, and Europe, Smithers delivers a comprehensive range of extractables and leachables testing techniques and market insights with a unique, worldwide understanding. 
  • A Key Partnership: The partnership between Smithers global E&L laboratories and global E&L events combines expert technical knowledge, insight into emerging needs, and market intelligence into a collaboration from which the whole industry benefits. 
  • Industry Experts: Smithers' E&L team includes the best industry experts in the field. The industry can always count on Smithers to bring professionals to the forefront. Our experts provide consultative support at every stage of the extractables and leachables process, from understanding E&L regulatory requirements, to deciding on a suitable test strategy, to decoding the results. Be sure to meet with our experts during the event's lunch, networking breaks, and networking reception!
  • Customer-Focused Growth: Smithers is always growing and expanding. Smithers chooses for that growth to be dictated by what our customers need, ensuring a customer-focused growth and expansion strategy. That knowledge of customer needs and how to solve them translates to every part of the business. 

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