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Online and Virtual Attendance Details



Safety is a key priority at the in-person event. We are working with the venue to ensure regulations and protocols are in place to guarantee social distancing, safe food handling, and clean sleeping rooms and meeting spaces.

  • Hear innovative presentations directly from professionals and ask questions one-on-one
  • Enjoy safe meals and networking opportunities with attendees, an easy and enjoyable way to connect with contacts and build new relationships - including a networking reception
  • Hands-on interaction with exhibit booths
  • Take advantage of everything the city and the venue has to offer
  • Receive full virtual access and benefits


The online hybrid option is not the typical virtual event! The innovative platform will deliver the elements you know from our in-person events in a brand-new way.

  • Participate as a remote delegate with full access to all presentations, access the library of recorded content for 90 days
  • Visit the innovative Networking Lounge to 'sit down at the table' for face-to-face virtual conversations.
  • View the attendees and speakers and request one-on-one video meetings or chat in real-time
  • Visit the Sponsorship Lounge to learn more about innovative products and services
  • Post on the live event feed to start a conversation 

Innovative Online Program & APP

View the full event attendee
and speaker lists and easily
reach out to chat or meet!

Visit the networking lounge
and 'sit down at the table' to
video chat with attendees.

View the schedule and session
information, click 'watch session' to
join - content available for 90 days!



Who can access the online platform?

Both virtual-only and in-person attendees have full access to the online platform. This makes networking with all attendees easy.

How do I sign-in to the online platform and begin watching sessions as an attendee?

  • You will be sent login information from the Hubilo platform and the Smithers team within a few weeks of the event.
  • We recommend that you have a stable internet connectivity and that you operate with Google Chrome for a seamless experience
  • Using the link you are sent by Smithers and/or Hubilo, login using the email you signed up with, which prompts a four digit passcode to be sent
  • Once in the platform, fill out your profile, which can be used as a virtual business card
  • Visit the agenda tab to see the sessions. Once the host starts the session on its scheduled time, click on the ‘' watch session’ button

Will sessions be recorded? Will I receive presentation slides?

Yes! If you miss a session in real-time a recording will be available! Recordings will be available on the Hubilo platform for 90 days. If made available by the speaker, Smithers will send presentation slides to guests 5-7 business days after the event.

I don’t want to participate anymore. Can I cancel? Can I switch to virtual?

We understand that virtual events are different and it’s going to take time for everyone to get comfortable with them. Yes, you can switch to virtual with notice to the Smithers team. We would like to explore ideas with you and demonstrate some of the capabilities we are developing before you make the decision to cancel. If, after we have shown you the options you still want to cancel, you can either transfer your booking to next year’s event or apply for a refund.

Which browsers work best with the online platform?

Minimum Operating Requirements

  • Mac OS - Version 10 or later
  • iPhone & iPad OS - Version 13 or later
  • Windows OS - Version 8 or later
  • Android OS - Android 5 or later

Suggested Browser

  • MacBook: Google Chrome - Version 83 or later, Safari - Version 13 or later, Firefox - Version 76 or later
  • Windows: Google Chrome - Version 83 or later, Firefox - Version 77 or later
  • ipad & iPhone: Safari - Version 13 or later
  • Android: Google Chrome - Version 81 or later