Vimta Labs

Extractables and Leachables Europe 2018 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

Founded in 1984 with headquarters in Hyderabad, India, VIMTA LABS LTD., is a leading contract research and testing organization, providing bio/pharmaceutical companies an integrated scientific, technical and regulatory expertise to support all stages of drug development and manufacturing process.  Our service portfolio includes preclinical and clinical research; and cGMP laboratory services viz., method development, microbiology, stability testing, extractables & leachables, process validation, quality control, physical characterization etc.  

In our 34 years of journey, we have gained in-depth scientific and technical expertise through working with a variety of molecules and formulations in different therapeutic areas.  We support the needs of more than 300 bio/pharmaceutical companies across the globe, from virtual to large pharma and biopharma through a wide range of expertise. Our team of 1000+ professionals constantly endeavor to provide timely scientific solutions and services to help customers manage their drug development and manufacturing processes more efficiently, without compromising on quality.

Vimta has an extensive experience working with the multiple packaging materials covering wide therapeutic areas such as Ophthalmics, Inhalations, Vaccines, Parenteral & Topicals and has thus far conducted over 400 Extractable and Leachable studies. VIMTA in-house team of toxicologists also offers toxicological and safety evaluation of the potential leachates that would be identified during the studies.Our scientific team is well versed with applicable regulatory requirements, standards and guidelines (PQRI, FDA, ISO, EMEA, ICH, EP and USP), in addition to its decades of experience in analytical and physical chemistry. Data provided by Vimta has been submitted to regulatory bodies in USA & EU and accepted.


  • VIMTA LABS LIMITED, Plot No.5, MN Science & Technology Park, Genome Valley, Hyderabad-500 101, INDIA.