2018 Poster Session

Posters presented at E&L Europe 2018 included:

1) Characterization of Propylene Microplates for Extractables & Leachables
Eric Hill, Director, Extractables & Leachables Laboratory, Boston Analytical

2) Testing for Leachables in a pharmaceutical impurity assay
Baiba Cabovska, Senior Business Development Manager, Waters

3) Identifying extractables and leachables using APGC, high resolution MS and an elucidation based workflow
Rachel Sanig, Scientist,Waters Corporation

4) Antioxidant Degradation by Gamma-Irradiation Using Squalane as Polyolefin Simulating Matrix
Tanja Verena Maier, Junior Scientist, Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH

5) Analytical Approaches for a reliable Screening of Extractables and Leachables in complex Products and Matrices
Dr. Tino Otte, Senior Scientific Consultant, Intertek

6) Automated Deformulation of LC/MS and GC/MS Data through Database Searching
Peter Russell, Director, Strategic Accounts, Advanced Chemistry Development UK Ltd

7) Risk Assessments in Extractables and Leachables Studies
Daniel Nicolau, Technical Specialist E&L, Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL)

8) Optimized Workflow for Structure Elucidation of Pharmaceutically Relevant Extractables and Leachables
Kate Comstock, Senior Marketing Specialist, Thermofisher Scientific

9) Extractables and Leachables Analysis of Daewoong’s Biopharmaceutical Drug
Seonkyeong Jeong, Researcher, Daewoong

10) Solvent Compatibility and Extractables Profile for use of Mobius® Single-Use Assemblies in ADC Processing
Jessica Shea, E&L Global Technical Services Manager, BioReliance® Validation Services, MilliporeSigma

11) Use of Ion Mobility Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry to distinguish between structural isomers of phthalate esters
Ewan Pickard, Principal Scientist- LC-MS, Smithers Rapra