Meet the webinar leaders

Find out more about the experts that will be leading the 2024 Extractables & Leachables webinar.


Keith Scott | Senior Project Manager at Smithers

Keith is part of Smithers’ Extractables and Leachables (E&L) and Chemical Analysis consultancy team in the UK. He has been working at Smithers for 39 years and with E&L for over 15 years.

Keith began being involved in managing E&L studies in 2003. In 2007 he became a commercial manager responsible for the Medical and Pharmaceutical sector, developing profitable relationships with new and existing clients to retain business and expand sales.

In January 2018 he took up a Senior Project Manager role in the Extractables and Leachables (E&L) and Chemical Analysis consultancy team providing technical leadership for analytical testing services to external and internal clients and acting as subject matter expert on the design and delivery of technical packages of work.


Keith has a BSc in Chemistry, and an MPhil (Lancaster). 


Mehrdad Kadkhodaei | Technical Specialist at Smithers

Within Smithers, Mehrdad is responsible for provision of technical leadership for the design and delivery of multiple staged Extractable & Leachable study packages in accordance with guidelines, and cGxP standards. Since his graduation in 2014, Mehrdad has held various positions within science industry.


Mehrdad has a master’s degree in Drug Discovery from the University of Bradford.

Meet our guest speaker


Charles Johnson | Senior Toxicologist

Charles has been a toxicologist at Bibra toxicology advice & consulting for 9 years (5 of which as a senior toxicologist). The majority of his work focuses on the toxicological evaluation of medical devices, pharmaceuticals (including excipients, impurities and contaminants) and e-cigarette products. Across all of these sectors, he has found that invaluable safety assessment information may be gleaned from extractables and leachables data, and similar fundamental approaches may be adopted in human health risk assessment when considering such data.


Charles has a Masters in Chemistry and is an RSB/BTS European Registered Toxicologist