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Growing regulatory complexity has increased the need for rigorous and thorough testing to ensure materials used in a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical devices are assessed for extractables and leachables.

Working with our leading experts and extensive testing experience we have put together a wealth of technical and regulatory information in this growing area.

The membership is framed by our two leading conferences in the sector taking place in Europe and America. Members receive 3 free places to the event and a host of in depth insight to help them plan whatevertheir position in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Your membership entitles you to the following:

Members Insight (New for 2016)

March - Nanomaterials and human exposure
September - E&L: A regulatory update
December - E&L state of the industry

Conference Places (Up to 3 places at each of these events)

Extractables and Leachables USA (9-11 May 2016, Washington, DC, US)
Extractables and Leachables Europe (9-10 November 2016, Dublin, Ireland)


Introduction to Extractable & Leachable Testing - Self-Teaching online

Polymer Library

Unlimited access to search the world’s largest rubber, plastics and composites literature database

Published Books

32 titles, including:

  • Healthcare Sterilisation part 1
  • Healthcare Sterilisation part 2
  • Update on Life Cycle Strategy for New Implants and Medical Devices
  • Practical Guide to Studying Dendrimers
  • Sterilisation of Polymer Healthcare Products
  • Update on Polymers for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
  • Update on Undertaking Extractable and Leachable Testing