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What previous E&L attendees have said about the conferences...

"The speakers had a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives me useful information and knowledge" - Z. Yi, Guangzhou Brunslab Co

"This is a professional conference on extractables and leachables. The content of the meeting is very substantial and will help us in our follow-up work" - K. Du, 3M

"An exciting event, helping us to know better about E&L" - L. Qian, West Pharmaceutical Packaging (China)

"Excellent event. So pleased to see it move to Asia" - K. D'Silva, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"The meeting provided a very good opportunity for us to get a full picture of E&L guidelines in US, EU and China. Really good" - Q. Bard

"The event was excellent" - A. Zhu, Suzhou Co-Healthy Co. Ltd

"Great venue, good talks about regulations and technical solutions related to E&L training" - G. Vas, Intertek

"This is a professional platform for E&L researchers to learn and communicate" - H. Guangshuo, Antpedia

"The first Smithers E&L China meeting went very well and will certainly be the first in a continuing series" - D. Norwood, SCIO Analytical

"From this conference, I learned more about the guidance and related progress of the regulations, and I learned some problems fromt he actual operations of the guests" - Y. Wang, Agilent

"The conference is the place to be for the E&L community!" - D. Hoegaerts, Agilent Technologies

"Well organised event with excellent networking opportunities" - G. Tumambac, Pall Corporation

"Smithers E&L conference is the premier gathering of expertise in this field, I plan on attending every year" - M. Jorgensen, Nelson Labs

"The content was addressing a myriad of topics in just a few days thus the organising was fantastic" - R. Persaud, Apple Inc

“Very specialist grouping which allows a good sharing of information” – F. Sexton, Eli Lilly

"I always leave this conference with a bucket full of new knowledge" - S. Carter, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“I learned a lot regarding E&L and how it affects the industry” – C. Green, Bemis Healthcare Packaging

“I learned about current regulations and their interpretation, this is of high value for us” – S. Saaler-Reinhardt, Midas Pharma

“An excellent opportunity to hear and discuss the approach of different organisations to the problem of E&L” – A. Mudie, SGS M-Scan

“Great to see the evolution of this conference from theory into practice. Very useful to see real world experience communicated in talks” – A. Hedricker, Becton Dickinson

"E&L provided a good cross section of the field of E&L; regulatory view, analytics, safety evaluations and case studies" - Christian Menzel, Merck Serono

"Very good experience to meet and hear experts and harmonise E&L evaluation strategies" - R. Stidl, Baxalta Innovations

“Great event, great speakers!” – R. Wolalhan, Pfizer Biotech

“Wide range of topics – encountered during E&L – were covered, making the event very useful for less experienced E&L professionals” – E. Ekaette, FinVector Vision Therapies

“Excellent speakers and great networking opportunities” –S. Mokuolo, Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group

“I found it well organised and good attendees” – L. Heaven, Sartorius

“Interesting mix of toxicology, analytics, regulations” – B. Swoboda, Rentschler Biotechnologies

“Super conference that we will attend in the future” – C. Weikart, SiO2 Medical Products

“Gained experiences that will be helpful for future tasks” – N. de Barros Fernades, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH

“Enriching, pleasant atmosphere” – A. Sobantka, Octapharma

“Lots of people with excellent knowledge” – A. Stratmann, A&M StabTest

“Good event to bring the different stakeholders in the E&L area together” – A. Hauk, Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH

“It was just great!” – A. Koerner, Roche Diabetes Care GmbH

“Very organised event” – G. Tumambac, Pall Corporation